Completed Projects

I think they're pretty cool

Ethics in Engineering

A brief look into ethical debates in the world of engineering and analysis of examples provided.

Simple Solutions Research Project

A history and analysis of the simple invention of the surf board and the evolution of its advancement 

Monsters INC Debate

A study and debate concerning the ethics of the company and CEO in the movie Monsters Inc. Below are the prepared arguments For and Against

Halloween Animatronic Project


A month and a half long project in which we designed and made animatronics. This design used robotic parts and prior knowledge to make a whimsical Halloween decoration.

My Projects 
   3D Printed, hand painted, original designs. What fun!

light box.JPG
bluebird box.JPG
bike basket.JPG

Lithophane Box

Whimsical Earrings

Bluebird Thatch Hut

Plant Basket


Pop Up Lamp Bookmark

plant pot.JPG
Grecian Inspired Pottery
Customizable Bookends