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Blog #2 This Time: Ethics

Engineers are in charge of building and designing some of the worlds largest and most complicated buildings, cars, and technology we have today. With hundreds of things that could go wrong, and hundred of more people relying on things not going wrong, the check, test, recheck, retest steps of the engineering process is essential. Most of the time things go according to plan, or the plan changes to ensure things go according to plan, but sometimes they don't. We saw that this last summer when the Surfside Condo collapsed in Florida killing nearly a hundred people and damaging million of dollars worth of infrastructure.

This collapse could have been prevented if necessary steps were taken to strengthen the support columns that were damaged by weather, water, and other things Florida. This collapse could have been prevented if the developers didn't penny pinch and try to save money the building could have been saved. The damages while clear to see by many of the inspectors and engineers, were not addressed and the building collapsed.

From this exercise I learned that researching and developing a working design that can withstand many iterations of testing. This exercise showed me the importance of paying attention to the faults and repairing what needs to be repaired. In my Capstone project I will be paying extra attention to the testing and in particular, the results.

Lately I have been very productive. I have stayed on top of my schoolwork and athletics. The new pool is a fantastic pool to swim in, it is gorgeous! The heater didn't work for the first few weeks, but today I finally got to swim in a pool that did not turn my lips blue. I redesigned my rubber duck 3D model and produced an even better looking round duck shape. I went to visit Santa Cruz Island with my family and had a blast. Other than all this, I haven't done much.

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