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The start of every school year allows us all to think about the year in front of us, and to reflect on the fun we had over the summer or just make a list of all the stuff we need to get done before school starts that we forgot to do earlier. This last summer I did a little bit of everything, I worked, went on a trip, and competed in a triathlon. I worked as a swim coach teaching kids from ages one to eleven how to swim. I helped children get comfortable being in water and taught stroke mechanics. I also had the opportunity to visit my family up in the Pacific Northwest. We spent our days split between exploring Portland, and getting covered in mud in the Columbia River Gorge. I don't think I have ever eaten such delicious fish in my life. Then, later in the summer I competed at the National Age Group Triathlon Nationals in Milwaukee. The weekend did not have a single dull moment, first the airline lost my gear bag, then huge storms raged throughout the night soaking the race course, finally the evening before my race I got my gear back and was able to have a great race. I did not place, but I had a really fun time.

This school year, in engineering I hope to stretch my mind in every direction and create a wonderful and useful project. I expect that it will be challenging but ultimately very rewarding to identify a problem, come up with a theoretical solution, and build a physical solution. I am excited to use the engineering method on a much larger scale than I ever have before.

Overall, this year I hope to stretch my mind in every direction through my different courses. I will be learning everything from Chemistry, to how the government works, to world mythologies, and more. Needless to say I will be busy, but I enjoy being busy and I enjoy learning. This year should be a fun one!

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